GIDI: Partnerships is a programme which takes a bespoke partnership approach with New Zealand’s largest emitters to explore the opportunity for reducing their reliance on fossil fuels.


  • This programme is for large energy users and by negotiation only.
  • In general, agreements should seek to abate at least 100,000tCO2e per year.

EECA is not making new financial commitments or entering into contractual arrangements related to the GIDI Fund at this time. Check back for updates.

What kind of project is it for?

  • This fund supports large emissions-reduction projects of national significance to help meet our emissions budgets.
  • Emissions reduction, value for money, and proof of additionality are central to a project going ahead.

Co-funding to date

Application process

Applications for this fund are by negotiation only.

To find out more, email: GIDIFund@eeca.govt.nz

Key benefits of large energy user partnerships

  • A significant contribution to the decarbonisation of New Zealand’s economy, especially over the next two emissions budgets
  • Enabling a focus on long term decarbonisation
  • Maximising private investment in decarbonisation projects
  • New Zealand’s renewable energy resources will be used as efficiently as possible
  • Support for a fair and just transition across all sectors and regions
  • Early adoption of technologies with wide potential for replication by business
  • Lessons learned and shared with other New Zealand businesses supporting our transition to renewables at a national level