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A partnership between government and industry

Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund supports energy efficiency, and the switch from fossil fuels to cleaner renewable energy sources across the industrial, transport and commercial sectors.

GIDI is part of the government’s Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF) and is funded via proceeds from the Emissions Trading Scheme. A total of $650m ($1b over 7 years) was allocated as part of Budget 2022.

The partnership approach helps by getting decarbonisation projects across the line and happening faster than they otherwise would, delivering larger and earlier emissions reductions. It helps by investing in businesses instead of buying offsets overseas – and by supporting a just transition.

Objectives of the GIDI Fund

  • Accelerating business decarbonisation to support the Government’s emissions reduction goals.
  • Optimising energy use by New Zealand’s businesses, easing the transition and helping improve productivity.
  • Helping achieve a just transition.


Approved GIDI projects

Our interactive dashboard has been developed to provide a comprehensive view of the approved GIDI: Industrial projects.

GIDI funds

GIDI: Clean Tech pilot programmes

We are currently running GIDI: Clean Tech pilot programmes for the following technologies to get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the market:  

  • Electric motor systems

If your business is interested in participating in a pilot programme, please contact 

GIDI: Private Finance

The GIDI: Private Finance scheme connects businesses with green finance providers to streamline and accelerate GIDI co-funding.

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