Businesses account for more than 40% of New Zealand’s energy-related emissions.

We offer co-funding and support to help businesses achieve low emissions outcomes and join the clean-energy economy.

How we can help your organisation

We can help your business become more productive with less energy, and support the switch to renewable energy sources.

We offer programmes that unpack your energy use, and identify opportunities to improve efficiency and move off fossil fuels. This includes financial and technical support for equipment or fleet decarbonisation and infrastructure projects as well as for early adoption of innovative technologies.

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Our focus on business

Reducing our energy-related emissions in the business sector is central to New Zealand meeting its goals and joining the clean energy economy.

Using energy efficiently allows our renewable sources to go further and frees up capacity in the electricity system. 

Switching off fossil fuels and investing in low-emissions technologies has positive flow-on impacts such as process efficiencies, accelerating innovation, and creating new jobs.