How we develop new requirements

Revising or developing new measures is an extensive process. The steps include:

  • engaging with industry to understand product markets
  • identifying and assessing options to improve energy efficiency
  • seeking public and industry feedback on proposed change
  • developing Standards and technical requirements with industry
  • seeking Cabinet approval
  • helping industry to transition to the new requirements.

Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) members maintain regular communication with key industry stakeholders through direct relationships and the E3 Review Committee.

How the E3 programme is administered(external link)

New regulations under development

Under the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme, EECA works with our partners to profile the energy savings potential of different technologies and market interventions. We prioritise them for investigation and review accordingly.

E3 Prioritisation Plan 2021-2022(external link)

Energy Efficiency Regulations review  [PDF 2.1 MB]