Chillers produce chilled water that is used by space cooling equipment. Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for chillers greater than 350kW capacity were introduced in 2009.

The current approach to registering chillers is not suited to the bespoke nature of these products. Not many chillers are made in New Zealand and Australia, however some of those that are, are exported overseas.

E3 is proposing to align with international requirements (both the new EU Eurovent standards and the established North American AHRI/591). Additionally, E3 is proposing to expand the scope to include smaller chillers, including reverse cycle chillers.


A proposal to update the MEPS on chillers was included in the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement: Air Conditioners and Chillers and Air Conditioners and Chillers - Updated Policy Proposals, both published in 2016. Stakeholders raised a number of issues that have required further investigation.

Subsequently, the E3 programme has been working with stakeholders to ensure the final proposal is suitable for regulation.

To resolve some of the issues with chillers, a consultation paper was released in June with public consultation meetings in July in Australia and New Zealand.

We are currently addressing feedback and will soon release a short paper which will indicate the direction that will be put to Ministers.

EECA will keep stakeholders updated on the process as it progresses. To ensure you are included, email to express your interest in the chillers proposal.

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