The New Zealand and Australian governments jointly administer certain standards under the E3 (Equipment Energy Efficiency) programme.  In Australia it is standard process for product regulations to sunset after they have been in place for 10 years.  

The Regulations may be renewed if a review finds sufficient reason for a regulation to continue. Systematic reviews of regulations ensures they remain cost effective, and are still achieving energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

As the New Zealand Act does not have sunsetting provisions, New Zealand is not obliged to follow the sunsetting decisions made by Australia.

However, there are many benefits to having consistent product regulations on both sides of the Tasman and, unless there is good reason otherwise, New Zealand will adopt the Australian position on sunsetting of products.

Why we are consulting

Six product regulations have been reviewed. These regulations are all due to expire in Australia by 2025 and were reviewed for their effectiveness and efficiency.

This review was an assessment to understand if the regulations should expire, be renewed, unchanged or revised.

Regulations that are identified as suitable for revision may be subject to a Regulation Impact Statement process.

Open Consultations

The two lighting determinations are now open for public feedback until 21 May 2022. 

For further information and to make a submission head to Australia's consultation hub.(external link)

Sunsetting Determinations


Expiry Date

Consultation Closes

Power (Distribution) transformers

1 April 2023


Set top boxes

1 April 2023


Computer monitors

1 October 2024


External power supplies

1 April 2025


Transformers and electronic step-down converters for extra low voltage (ELV) lamps

1 April 2023

21 May 2022

Ballasts for fluorescent lamps

1 April 2023

21 May 2022

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