About the event

The Role of Heat Pumps in Decarbonisation online conference was held on the 28th of October 2021 hosted by EECA and Massey University. It was aimed at anyone with an interest in using vapour compression technologies (such as high-temperature heat pumps) to decarbonise their process or space heating requirements.

It covered both industrial and residential heat pump technologies and includes space heating and water heating applications.

Presentations covered all elements of the decarbonisation HTHP journey from inception through to installation – what to know, what to avoid and what to expect.

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Decarbonising Process Heat(external link)


Download Martin Atkins presentation slides [PDF 2.3 MB]

Martin Atkins University of Waikato Dr. Martin Atkins is Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering at Auckland University. He has worked in the industrial energy efficiency space for many years and has recently seen the focus change from energy efficiency to decarbonisation.He provides a brief overview of Project Ahuora – a joint Massey University, University of Waikato and Auckland University project with the aim researching sustainable industry through smart process heat decarbonisation.

Matching Heat Pumps to Heating and Cooling Profiles in the NZ Food Processing Sector(external link)

Download Don Cleland presentation slides [PDF 3.1 MB]

Don Cleland Massey University Professor Don Cleland is a Professor of Process Engineering in the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Massey University.

Heat Pumps, Carbon and Ca$h: Tips, tricks and applications(external link)

Download Adrian Dickison presentation slides [PDF 11 MB]

Adrian Dickison BECA Adrian Dickison is the Senior Technical Director at Beca with considerable experience and expertise in industrial refrigeration, plant specifications, energy optimisation and ammonia safety.

Self Contained Refrigerated Display Cabinet (RDC) Project - Supporting Decarbonisation(external link)

Brian Rees McAlpine Hussmann Brian Rees is the Group Technical Manager at Hussmann International with 40 years of experience in refrigeration. For the past 17 years he has been researching alternative refrigeration systems including CO2 systems.

Skope Two Door Cooler History(external link)

Download Vincent Brokerhoff presentation slides [PDF 946 KB]

Vincent Brockerhoff Skope Industries Vincent Brockerhoff is a Refrigeration Design Engineer at Skope Industries with a focus on developing hydrocarbon refrigeration systems for commercial refrigeration equipment. 

Development of 3D Printed Energy Recovery Heat Exchangers for Improved Dehumidification(external link)

Download Sam Lowrey presentation slides [PDF 1.3 MB]

 Sam Lowrey University of Otago Dr. Sam Lowrey is a Senior Lecturer in physics at Otago University and is speaking on refrigerated dehumidifiers for domestic drying. 

Condensing Temperature Tradeoffs in Heat Recovery from Refrigeration(external link)

Download Richard Love presentation slides [PDF 1.2 MB]

Richard Love Massey University Dr. Richard Love, Senior Lecturer in Food and Advanced Technology from Massey University is speaking about condensing temperature trade-offs in heat recovery from refrigeration.

 Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps(external link)

John Cavill, Dick Johnston Black Diamond Technologies John Cavill is the engineering and development manager for Black Diamond Technologies. BDT is the exclusive partner and distributer of Mitsubishi Electric products in New Zealand.  

 Efficient industrial process electrification through integrated heat pumping(external link)

Download Tim Walmsley presentation slides [PDF 1.4 MB]

Tim Walmsley University of Waikato Dr Tim Walmsley is the Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Energy Engineering at The University of Waikato. Speaking on efficient industrial electrification through integrated heat pumping.

Creating a business case for Heat Pumps in industrial applications(external link)

Download Jack Young presentation slides [PDF 764 KB]

Jack Young Energy NZ Jack Young is a Senior Energy Consultant at Energy NZ with considerable experience in industrial manufacturing sector with a focus on energy efficiency and low carbon technologies.

An example processing plant hot water supply ammonia heat pump modelled for new industrial plant integration(external link)

Download Mike Odey presentation slides [PDF 10 MB]

Mike Odey Mike Odey Mike Odey is an independent refrigeration and heat pump consultant and involved in the New Zealand National Committee of the International Institute of Refrigeration.

Fonterra project(external link)

Download Patrick Dempsey presentation slides [PDF 857 KB]

Patrick Dempsey Fonterra Patrick Dempsey, Asset Manager, Mechanical Utilities and Jack Ballagh, Senior Energy Engineer from Fonterra, present an overview of Fonterra heat pump project, Hoiho.

Industrial Heat Pump Drying Processes(external link)

Download Zhifa Sun presentation slides [PDF 690 KB]

Zhifa Sun University of Otago Zhifa Sun is an Associate Professor from the Physics Department at University of Otago, presenting on the industrial heat pump drying processes.