Recommended EV chargers

A wall-mounted charger will charge your EV faster and more safely than a three-pin plug, and help you save money on power bills.

But they're not all created equal. EECA has published an approved list of EV chargers recommended for residential and commercial use. The list has been developed to help New Zealanders identify, and purchase, EV chargers that use 'smart' technology and are energy efficient. The new, internationally proven smart technology benefits both the user and the national electricity grid, by allowing two-way communication between the charger and the grid. 

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Why choose a smart charger?

  • Speed of charge – Smart EV chargers can be at least 3x faster than a 3-pin plug – which is the default charger type that comes with your EV.
  • Cost savings – Charging at home off-peak is currently like buying petrol at around $1.60/litre, including road user charges and depending on your electricity retailer. Your smart charger can be set to preferentially charge your vehicle during these times, avoiding expensive peak periods.
  • Smart grid ready – In the near future, when a ‘demand flexibility’ service is introduced in New Zealand, smart EV chargers will be able to react to signals from the electricity grid and reduce the level of charge or turn off when electricity is expensive and ramp up or turn back on when costs reduce. Consumers will be able to opt out of this, if needed.
  • Convenience – You can ensure your car is always fully charged in time for next use, without having to lift a finger – just set and forget!
  • Safety – Smart charging is safe charging. The chargers are better at ‘load balancing’, which means that they can respond automatically during peak usage – and avoid overloading your home’s power supply. They also present fewer hazards for users.
  • Cleaner – Charging off-peak helps to prevent periods of high demand for electricity. During these off-peak times, our grid is supplied using a higher proportion of renewable energy, and less likely to use fossil fuels to meet demand.
  • Access electricity deals – Electricity supply companies can tell you if they offer lower cost electricity pricing for off-peak charging, and what EV or charger you need to access it (you might want to check if there are other supplier options that suit you better).


EV Smart Charger Approved List

List updated: 10/06/2024.

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