The importance of clean and clever energy

We create climate-changing greenhouse gases when we burn fossil fuels - whether driving a petrol car or diesel truck, travelling by plane, burning gas for manufacturing or burning coal to create electricity.

Watch the video to find out how clean and clever energy choices will help us fight the effects of climate change.

The make-up of energy-related emissions

For EECA, understanding the make-up of energy-related emissions is fundamental to accelerating the transition to a low-emissions economy. This is at the centre of our decision-making. We seek to determine where we can make the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time, then take action.

About 40% of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions come from our energy use

Getting this number down will be immensely challenging. Although New Zealand is investing resources and effort into energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy, much more needs to happen.

Electricity is our golden opportunity

In New Zealand, around 80% of our electricity is generated from clean, renewable resources such as hydro, geothermal and wind. Switching to electric technology over coal and oil — and using all energy efficiently — are our best opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. EECA's strategy and programmes focus on reducing these energy-related emissions.

Our strategic focus areas