The EECA Market Update series aims to increase understanding and uptake of our expertise, products and offerings and support.

The webinars are designed for industrial businesses and professionals who have an interest in energy, carbon, and sustainability and who are looking to take action. Each quarter, attendees will hear the latest on EECA’s products and programmes, co-funding, tools, research, and insights to help with energy efficiency and low-emissions projects.

Government and industry can work together to accelerate our move away from fossil fuels. And great climate gains can be achieved through new and innovative technology that also benefits your business in other ways – improving efficiencies and reducing costs over time.

What EECA has to offer

This is the chance for industry to hear about what EECA has to offer to help decarbonise industry and business, we aim to support:

  • Measuring and planning
  • Meeting emissions reductions targets
  • Improving efficiencies and innovation
  • Building resilience and preparation for a low-emissions economy.

Watch our webinar

52 minutes

The first Webinar in the EECA quarterly series of market updates consists of a run-down of our current business and product offerings, partnerships & infrastructure update, GIDI funding rounds, and what will be coming in the next market update in the new year.

Download the webinar presentation [PDF, 3.2 MB]

Past Events

EECA Quarterly Market Update 

Co-funding and support for decarbonising business

Webinar: Co-funding and support for decarbonising business
Overview: EECA’s inaugural market update will focus on business with an emphasis on the opportunities coming out of the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund.
Date: Tuesday, 13 December
Time: 11am- 12pm
EECA Hosts:
  • Nicki Sutherland, GM Business
  • Glenn Wellington, Manager Products & Partnerships
  • Helen Sillars, Manager Investment Management Portfolio
  • Michael Henry, Manager Business Portfolio

You’ll hear about: 

  • EECA’s support for productive and low-emissions business
  • About GIDI, including application tips and tricks for GIDI Process Heat Contestable Fund Round 5
  • Key related programmes such as EECA’s recently launched Regional Energy Transition Accelerator (RETA) and Sector Decarbonisation work