Energy efficiency is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy use.

It comes down to using less energy to perform the same task, usually with the help of efficient technologies. For example, an efficient LED light bulb still lights up the room – but it uses less energy to do so.

Energy efficiency is the essential ‘first step’ when it comes to energy management or fuel switching projects, because it lowers demand and leads to long-term cost savings.

To seize the benefits of energy efficiency, energy users need the right information, support, and systems in place.

Find out why we put energy efficiency first, and what we’re doing to create change.

Why we focus on energy efficiency

By enabling energy users to access and implement energy efficiency, we can unlock substantial economic and environmental benefits, including:

  • significant user energy cost savings and productivity improvements
  • lower energy demand, freeing up capacity and offsetting or deferring costly energy infrastructure
  • increased security and reliability of New Zealand’s energy supply, which is critical for the successful operation of our economy
  • reduced energy-related emissions.

Our desired outcomes

By strategically focusing on energy efficiency, we hope to contribute to a New Zealand where:

  • energy users accept and adopt energy efficient products and practices
  • proven energy efficient technologies are identified, widely available, and supported.

What we’re doing now