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The Regulations

The Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002(external link) cover appliances and other products for home, commercial, and industrial use. Regulated products (or assemblies that incorporate a regulated product) need to meet:

  • Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), developed to remove poor performing products from the market and/or
  • Mandatory Energy Performance Labeling (MEPL) requirements, so people can compare energy efficiency and running costs when deciding what to buy.

Failure to comply with the Regulations can result in a penalty of up to $10,000 per offence (product sold). 

To legally sell, hire, lease, or provide hire purchase of regulated products in New Zealand, you must make sure the product meets specific requirements:

  • A product with Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) requirements must perform at least as efficiently as required by the relevant Standard.
  • A product with Mandatory Energy Performance Labeling (MEPL) requirements must have the label attached when on display and included with each of those products that you sell.

Although the MEPS requirements are product-specific, they generally relate to setting a maximum amount of energy a product can use, or a minimum efficiency when tested to a particular Standard.

The regulations apply unless your product:

  • isn’t covered by the Regulations
  • has already been used by a consumer in New Zealand (second-hand products)
  • meets conditions under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (note that manufacturers and importers are still required to provide sales data to EECA).


Other legal requirements

These Regulations deal only with energy efficiency requirements. Products must also meet requirements under other Regulations such as:

Amendments to the Regulations

Energy efficiency Standards may be revised from time to time.

The Regulations must incorporate the updated version of the Standard before it can apply. Proposed changes are notified and consulted on as part of this process. A Gazette notice is published 6 months before the new Regulations come into force.

Search the New Zealand Gazette(external link)

When Regulations are updated, you can still sell existing stock manufactured in New Zealand or imported before the enforcement date. It doesn’t have to meet the new requirements but it must meet the old requirements.

Any new stock manufactured in New Zealand or imported after the updated Regulations come into force must meet the new requirements.

Remember – it’s your responsibility to make sure you comply with the Regulations.