Your steps to compliance

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    Is your product covered by the Regulations? If it is, you’ll need to complete the requirements set out here, including meeting the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Mandatory Energy Performance Labelling (MEPL) requirements.

    List of regulated products

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    Meet New Zealand MEPS and MEPL requirements

    You need to test your products or obtain a test report to the applicable Standards to make sure your products meet the New Zealand MEPS and/or MEPL requirements.

    See what Standards apply

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    All regulated products must be registered through the E3 system before they can be legally sold in New Zealand. There are exemptions for minimal quantities.

    Minimal quantities exemptions

    How to register products in the E3 system

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    Seven products have Mandatory Energy Performance Labeling (MEPL) requirements. If you sell, lease, hire, or hire purchase these products, it’s your responsibility to make sure the label is correctly displayed and supplied with each one.

    Your guide to labelling [PDF 174 KB]

Reporting sales data

If your product is covered by the Regulations you need to provide sales data to EECA each year.

How to provide sales data

The Regulations apply unless your product:

  • isn’t covered by the Regulations
  • has already been used by a consumer in New Zealand (second-hand products)
  • meets conditions under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (note that manufacturers and importers are still required to provide sales data to EECA).

Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement