How to supply sales data

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    Use this form to apply for a sales data tool account. Allow 5 working days for processing. Each company can only have one account.

    Application form

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    Log in

    Get to know the sales data tool – our guide will help you find your way.

    Sales data guide [PDF 666 KB]

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    Enter data and submit

    You can enter your data for the previous year after 1 April but no later than 1 August each year. EECA will assess your data and either accept it or contact you for correction.

    Sales data tool

Information required

For each product, you need to provide the total number sold between 1 April and 31 March for the previous year. For example, data provided after 1 April 2021 is for sales between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021.

You also need to advise us of any products you’re no longer selling.

A product has a model number, brand, and energy performance characteristics. If there are multiple model numbers that have the same brand and energy performance characteristics (family registration) you can report the sales information under one model number.

How we use the sales data

EECA uses sales data to track the effectiveness of the E3 programme by how much energy we save through improving product energy efficiency. We also track and publish data on market trends.

Sales & efficiency data

We treat the information you provide as sensitive and confidential. We only publish information where individual submissions cannot be identified.