Our homes account for 10% of New Zealand’s energy-related emissions.

Using less energy at home can save you money on your power bill, and leads to better health outcomes and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

How we can support you

Everyone deserves a warm, dry, healthy home, without having to pay high power prices.

We offer Warmer Kiwi Homes grants to eligible homeowners for heating and insulation.

We also offer a range of online tools and advice to help you make energy-efficient, cost-saving choices for your household.

Warmer Kiwi Homes

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You and your family deserve a warm, dry, healthy home. More than 120,000 installations of insulation and heaters have already happened all around Aotearoa New Zealand, making tens of thousands of families happier in their homes.

Grants cover:

  • 80-90% of the total cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation installed in your home. In some areas the cost to you may be even lower, thanks to generous funding from community organisations.
  • Up to 80% of the cost of an approved heater installed in your home.

Find the best advice for your home

Our focus on homes

Energy is a vital part of our lives at home, keeping us warm and powering everything from our appliances to hot water.

The energy used in Kiwi homes comes mainly from our highly renewable electricity system, but we're still reliant on fossil fuels to ensure we have enough power at peak times. 

Improving the energy efficiency of Kiwi homes not only reduces emissions, it ensures whānau can enjoy warm, dry and healthy homes – without increased energy costs.