As a signatory of the Climate Leaders Coalition, we’re committed to measuring and publicly reporting on our emissions, setting a public emissions reduction target and working with our suppliers to reduce their emissions. We began measuring and reporting our carbon emissions in 2007.

We're carbon certified

As certified members of Toitū Envirocare, we’re part of an internationally accredited greenhouse gas measurement and reporting certification programme.

In 2021/2022, we emitted 87.99 tonnes of CO2e, which is a 64% reduction from our base year (247.7 tCO2e) and an 29% reduction from 2020/2021 (124.25 tCO2e).

The majority of our emissions come from air travel, followed by electricity for our offices. Since last year, we have managed to reduce our air travel emissions by 37% and aim to maintain these lower levels even as travelling returns to more normal levels post COVID-19.

Easy changes that count

We take everyday opportunities to reduce our energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. For example, we:

  • meet using online and video conference tools instead of travel
  • hire low-emission rental cars, such as electric or smaller models
  • monitor electricity use with a building management system
  • use clever technology such as lighting controls, motion sensors, modified air conditioning and energy efficient IT equipment
  • replace lights with LED bulbs where possible
  • collect and recycle waste including paper, batteries and compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • We’ve joined the Climate Leaders Coalition

    As a member, we’ve committed to measuring and reporting our emissions, setting a public emissions reduction target, and working with suppliers to reduce their emissions. The coalition promotes business leadership and collective action on climate change.
  • We watch our offices’ energy performance

    The floors we occupy in Auckland and Wellington have a rating of 4.5 stars (representing 'excellent performance') out of a possible 6 under the NABERSNZ office building energy measurement and rating scheme.