We are all energy users – whether as individuals, whānau, small businesses, or large industrial companies.

Our electricity system is becoming increasingly flexible, distributed, and responsive. We are becoming more and more reliant on energy sources like wind and solar that provide fluctuating supply. Local, ‘distributed’ energy resources like rooftop solar and battery systems are supplying electricity to homes and businesses alongside the grid.

Smart technology allows energy users to have greater control over their energy use, and take advantage of pricing signals to keep costs down.

Energy users need to have the right information, tools, and settings in place to unlock this potential, so they can maximise the value of their energy use.

Find out why we think it is important to empower energy users, and what we’re doing to create change.

Why we focus on empowering energy users

Everyone benefits when energy users are empowered. Enabling access to smart products and services and demand-flexible systems gives people and businesses the opportunity to manage their own energy usage and respond to electricity prices in real time.

Energy flexibility and demand-side management can lead to:

  • significant cost savings
  • offsetting or deferring costly network upgrades
  • maximised use of renewable energy
  • a balance of energy affordability, equitability, and security.

A smarter grid

As our electricity demand increases and we transition toward greater use of renewable energy sources, demand management is becoming increasingly important.

A ‘smart grid’ has the potential to automatically optimise electricity consumption and generation across households, businesses and industry, leading to a more efficient and affordable energy system for all.

Our desired outcomes

By supporting smart and flexible energy system and sharing information, we aim to help energy users:

  • understand, manage and conserve their energy use
  • get value from responsive and flexible energy systems.

What we’re doing to create change