We're moving Aotearoa towards a sustainable energy system that supports the wellbeing of current and future generations.


Energy in New Zealand

About 40% of New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions come from our energy use.

The choices we make about how we use energy in our everyday lives and businesses have an impact. Our opportunity is to build out a strong and stable energy system by prioritising energy efficiency, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources.

With clean and clever energy we can achieve emissions reductions, lower energy costs, make our homes warmer and healthier, and contribute to a reliable and resilient grid.

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  • Electrifying Aotearoa: The consumer perspective

    New consumer research explores the status of household electrification among owner-occupiers in New Zealand.

    • Electricity 
    • Products & appliances
    • Market research

    17 April 2024

  • The impact of electric homes

    A technical assessment of the energy, economic, and emissions opportunity when electrifying New Zealand households and garages.

    • Electricity 
    • Electric vehicles
    • Products & appliances

    18 March 2024

  • Residential smart EV chargers and demand flexibility

    How smart charging technology can help manage electricity demand from EVs.

    • Electric vehicles
    • Smart charging
    • EV charging

    15 March 2024