We're moving Aotearoa towards a sustainable energy system that supports the wellbeing of current and future generations.

Energy's role in climate change

About 40% of New Zealand's total greenhouse gas emissions come from our energy use. By making better choices about how we use energy in our everyday life, we can reduce our total greenhouse gas emissions and help fight the effects of climate change.

Climate change is the most urgent global environmental challenge of our time. We must be bold and accelerate decarbonisation to leave future generations a healthy, stable planet.

What we're doing to create change

  • Co-funding

    We provide co-investment and support for businesses and the public sector to accelerate decarbonisation. We also provide insulation and heater grants to low-income homeowners to create warm, dry, healthy homes.

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  • Motivating people

    New Zealanders know climate change is an issue but don't always know what to do about it. Our Gen Less brand motivates Kiwis to take climate action by living and doing business in a low carbon way.

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  • Regulating

    We help ensure that products and vehicles sold in New Zealand meet energy and fuel efficiency standards, and provide information to help businesses comply.

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  • Regional Heat Demand Database

    An interactive data visualisation tool that enables users to view fuel demand for process heat by region, site count, heat demand, and energy demand.

    16 September 2021

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  • Commercial-scale solar in New Zealand

    Should your business invest in commercial-scale solar? Our analysis shows a wide range of internal returns on investment – and the report gives the business sector a guide about how to accurately forecast financial returns.

    30 July 2021

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    • Climate change 
    • Energy systems
  • Electric vehicles and Aotearoa

    Electric vehicles make up a small portion of our total fleet now, but that is going to change.

    1 July 2021

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