With diverse renewable energy options, our country is well-positioned to transition to a sustainable, low-emissions energy system.

Electrification will play a significant role in the low-cost transition away from fossil fuels, alongside other renewable fuels where electrification is not viable.

Find out how we’re helping accelerate the uptake of renewable energy.

Why we focus on renewable energy

Accelerating renewable energy offers substantial benefits, including:

  • making New Zealand more resilient to fossil fuel availability and price fluctuations
  • increasing our energy independence
  • significantly reducing our energy-related emissions.

Renewable energy is particularly important for meeting our domestic and international emissions reduction commitments and reducing the negative impacts of emissions on our environment and health.

How much of our energy is renewable?

While New Zealand’s electricity system is powered by highly renewable energy sources, electricity is only part of the picture.

If we look at all energy consumed by users in New Zealand, we still rely on non-renewable fossil fuels for around 70% of our energy needs. These fossil fuels produce large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions when burned, with energy use responsible for over 40% of New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions.

Our desired outcomes

Through our focus on accelerating renewable energy, we hope to contribute to a New Zealand where:

  • energy users plan for and adopt low-emissions energy and technologies
  • fuel options for the energy transition are identified, widely available and supported.

What we’re doing now