Our registration system

Regulated products must be registered before being sold in New Zealand, so we can ensure they meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Mandatory Energy Performance Labeling (MEPL) requirements.

The registration system is part of the trans-Tasman Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) Programme. Once registered, products appear on the E3's public database.

Search the E3 Public Registration Database(external link)

Only New Zealand importers and manufacturers can register products in New Zealand.

You must register each product you wish to sell in New Zealand. A product is defined as having a model number, brand, and energy performance characteristics. Products which have multiple model numbers, but have the same brand and energy performance characteristics, can be registered under one registration.  There are some specific circumstances where some products can be registered under one registration but have different energy performance characteristics.

Check registration requirements of your product

Products for sale in Australia and New Zealand

If the product is already registered in Australia, it doesn’t need to be registered in New Zealand. You can search the E3 database to see if a product is already registered.

Find products in the E3 Public Registration Database(external link)

Unless the product meets the requirements of the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement (TTMRA), it must meet the New Zealand MEPS and MEPL requirements, even if it is registered in Australia.

Manufacturers and importers are responsible for making sure their products are registered. Remember - registrations in Australia expire after 5 years.

How to register your products in New Zealand

  1. 1

    Register a new account

    Fill in the form on the E3 system. Applications are normally processed in 24 hours but may take up to 5 working days. You will receive an email once approved.

    Register with E3(external link)

  2. 2

    Apply for a company account

    Apply for a company account (called an applicant account) and set it up if your organisation has not registered products in the past - or you can join an existing applicant.

    Apply for an applicant  account(external link)

    Set up your applicant account(external link)

    Join an existing applicant(external link)

  3. 3

    Gather documentation

    To register a new product, you’ll need a test report to the applicable Standards (usually supplied by the manufacturer) and any product-specific information.

    See what Standards apply

    See the registration questions(external link)

  4. 4

    Register your product

    Complete the digital form on the E3 website, including all required fields. The regulator will approve your registration or come back to you if there are any issues.

    How-to guide(external link)

  5. 5

    Keep records

    Once the registration is approved, keep a note of the record ID – you’ll need it to provide sales data.

    How to provide sales data

What is a test report?

A test report is defined as the prescribed form in PDF format at the back of the applicable Standard. Where there is no prescribed form, you can use the hard copy registration forms as a substitute test report.

Hard copy registration forms(external link)

Product information

What does my registration status mean?

  • Approved: The product is registered.
  • Variation Approved: The variation to the registration has been approved.
  • Expired: Only applies in Australia — It means registration has expired and is no longer valid. New Zealand registrations don't expire.
  • Archived: Product was re-registered before it expired and has a new record. The new record will have the registration status of the product. 
  • Superseded: The regulations have changed. Any existing stock imported into New Zealand before the registration was superseded can be sold. A new approved registration is required to sell new stock. 
  • Submitted: The application has been submitted to the regulator.
  • Draft: A new registration has been started but has not been submitted to the regulator for review.
  • Returned: Application has been returned to the applicant as changes are required before it can be approved.

Changes to an approved registration

Minor changes you can make to an approved registration

Add model numbers to a registration(external link)

Update basic information such as contact information or product availability(external link)

Contact us about any other changes

  • Need some help?

    Call the EECA Standards and Regulations team.