Australian Consultation on Draft Determinations for Lighting

The Australian Government is currently consulting with stakeholders on:

  • Proposed new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and labelling for LED lamps
  • Updated MEPS for incandescent and halogen lighting.

This consultation is on the Australian legislative instrument (draft determination). Following the consultation process, government officials in Australia will consider the feedback and make appropriate adjustments prior to the changes being considered by Energy Ministers in 2023.

New Zealand intends to adopt similar energy efficiency regulations for LED lamps in the future, in line with the proposed Australian Determination. However, New Zealand will not be regulating incandescent and halogen lamps.

Consideration of amendments to the New Zealand legislative instrument, Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulation 2002, will be subject to a separate consultation. Following any amendment to the New Zealand Regulations, a minimum of 6 months’ notice will be provided via the Gazette before the enforcement date.

New Zealand stakeholders are encouraged to view the Australian consultation package and provide feedback into the consultation process before 15 March 2023.

View the Australian consultation(external link)

New Zealand LED MEPS

On 27 May 2019, the New Zealand Cabinet approved the policy proposal for introducing Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and labelling requirements for LED lamps. The proposed MEPS and labelling requirements will ensure that package claims are accurate and poor-quality LED lamps are removed from the market.

The final proposal that Cabinet approved is the result of extensive stakeholder consultation. The original proposals were modified after feedback on the Consultation RIS, supplementary paper, an advisory group paper and further discussions with members of the advisory group.

The proposal included performance requirements aligned with the pending European Union (EU) regulation for LED lamps. On 1 October 2019, the EU adopted 10 ecodesign implementing regulations, setting out energy efficiency and other requirements for product groups including LEDs.

The Ecodesign Regulations have been in place since September 2021.

View the full document(external link)

Australian governments are now moving forward, in consultation with stakeholders, with the development of the performance requirements in a GEMS Determination. The GEMS Determination will form the basis of our amendments to New Zealand’s Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations.

Additionally, the EL-041 AU/NZ Standards committee has commenced work on AS/NZS 5341 - the LED lamps test standard - and a revision to AS 4934.2 - the incandescent lamps for general lighting services MEPS standard. The committee has New Zealand representatives from EECA and the Lighting Council New Zealand.

More information

More information on this proposal and the consultation that occurred is available on the Energy Rating website.

Decision Regulation Impact Statement - Lighting(external link)

Updated policy proposals - Lighting(external link)

Lighting(external link)

Thank you for your input to date, EECA will continue to keep stakeholders updated on the process.

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