A consultation Regulatory Impact Statement will be developed. The three types being considered are pumps, boilers and air compressors.

  • Pumps are used in a broad range of industries to move fluids for various processes by mechanical means. Industries with large pump use include the potable water and wastewater, mining, manufacturing and agriculture sectors. In Australia and New Zealand, pumps are significant consumers of energy, accounting for approximately 10 per cent of total industrial electricity use in both countries.
  • Boilers are used to provide hot water and steam for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Sectors that use boilers include commercial buildings, food processing (including the dairy industry), the chemical manufacturing industry and wood and paper pulping.
  • Air compressors are used throughout the industrial sector in a broad range of applications. Compressed air is used to drive equipment, tools and machines for various manufacturing and process activities. The Compressed Air Association of Australasia estimates 10 per cent of all industrial electricity consumption in Australia is used for powering compressed air systems. Air compressor use accounts for electricity consumption in the mining, construction, manufacturing, steel, chemical manufacture, wood and paper, and agriculture sectors.


Three technical discussion papers for industrial pumps, compressors and boilers, have been released for industry comment to inform the development of Consultation Regulatory Impact Statements.

The Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) programme prioritisation plan identified industrial products (pumps, air compressors and boilers) as high priority and a focus for immediate attention.

The Commonwealth Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (the department), on behalf of the Committee overseeing the E3 programme, has worked with the Industrial Equipment Technical Working Group (TWG) to investigate policy options for improving the efficiency of industrial equipment.

The TWG comprises members from industry, peak bodies, academia, the department, and EECA. The TWG held four workshops in 2019 to investigate issues, product specifications, current test methods and efficiency standards. Informal discussions were also held with industry stakeholders and participants at various trade shows and exhibitions in 2019.

Following the final TWG workshop in November 2019, the department developed three technical discussion papers, to provide a technical understanding of industrial pumps, compressors and boilers.

The aim of the papers is to:

  • Improve the available data which is being used to inform the policy options and cost benefit analysis
  • Better understand the state of the product industries in the context of Australia and New Zealand
  • Trigger a discussion among experts, industry representatives and other stakeholders about which technologies, test methods and standards are common within the industries.

Submissions closed on 4 December 2020 and feedback received is now informing the development of the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statements.

More information about the papers


  • Submissions closed on 4 December 2020 and feedback received is now informing the development of the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statements.

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