Energy efficiency pathways for business​

​Tap into our free, easy to follow, five-step pathways which enables businesses to understand how to use existing equipment and processes as efficiently as possible.​ As well as discovering new technology and renewable energy sources appropriate for your sector.

​With the right planning and tools, a businesses’ approach to energy can be transformed - reducing reliance on fossil fuels and helping to future-proof your business.

Unlock the benefits of clean and clever energy

Taking steps to become more energy efficient and ultimately switching to renewable sources can have many benefits for business.

  • Cost savings – reduce operating costs through energy efficiency and fuel switching.
  • Social license – improve your reputation with socially responsible consumers and investors.
  • Brand value – tap into new markets, spark innovation and create business opportunities.
  • Employee engagement – attract and retain talent.
  • Compliance – stay ahead of regulation for climate change mitigation.


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What are other businesses doing?

2min 55sec

LED lighting, electric vehicles, solar panels and hot water heat pumps are some of the equipment upgrades that Sawmill, Kōkako, Samson Corporation and Oceania have actioned to save energy.