Why we focus on homes

Energy is a vital part of our lives at home, keeping us warm and powering everything from our appliances to hot water.

The energy used in Kiwi homes comes mainly from our highly renewable electricity system, but households have a significant impact on New Zealand's peak electricity use. 

Improving the energy efficiency of Kiwi homes not only reduces emissions, it plays a vital role in making sure whānau can enjoy warm, dry and healthy homes - without increased energy costs.


Homes represent

  • 15 %

    of New Zealand's energy use*

  • 10 %

    of New Zealand's energy-related emissions*

*Includes household electricity use and direct use of fuels (e.g. gas and wood) for heating and cooking. Does not include household petrol/diesel-powered transport. Source: Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2021, Ministry for the Environment (2023), Energy End Use Database 2023 (2021 data). 

Our strategy

Desired outcomes

  • New Zealanders live in energy efficient homes that are warm, dry and healthy.
  • New Zealand households benefit from an efficient, well-integrated and resilient renewable energy system.

Our priorities

  • Improving existing homes by increasing their energy efficiency, through improved insulation and heating, and the adoption of ‘smart’ technology.
  • Developing Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) and standards and guidance to accelerate uptake of new technologies, such as demand flexibility/response.
  • Extending regulations for energy-using products and continuing to enforce existing performance standards and product labelling requirements.

What we're doing now