Why we focus on business

A massive 40% of New Zealand’s energy-related emissions come from the business sector.

The largest portion of this comes from industrial process heat — the  steam, hot water or hot gases used in industrial processing, manufacturing and space heating. About half of New Zealand's process heat demand comes from burning coal or natural gas.

The good news is, there are a number of low-emissions alternatives available for businesses that not only reduce emissions, but can also lower energy costs and improve profitability.

The business sector represents

  • 45 %

    of New Zealand's energy use*

  • 43 %

    of New Zealand's energy-related emissions*

*Includes household electricity use and direct use of fuels (e.g. gas and wood) for heating and cooking. It does not include household petrol/diesel-powered transport. Source: Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2021, Ministry for the Environment (2023), Energy End Use Database 2023 (2021 data). 

Our strategy

Desired outcomes

  • Businesses meet emissions reductions targets.
  • Businesses use low emissions innovations and insights.
  • Businesses benefit from improved energy productivity.

Our priorities

  • Improving our support to businesses through better use of data and insights. 
  • Supporting businesses in the adoption of new technology or innovative process improvements. 
  • Targeted investment to demonstrate and fast-track energy efficient technologies that help reduce business emissions. 
  • Supporting businesses to understand, measure and manage their energy use. 

What we're doing now

Regional Energy Transition Accelerator

The aim of our Regional Energy Transition Accelerator (RETA) is to develop and share a well-informed and coordinated approach for regional decarbonisation.

RETA's focus is on understanding localised opportunities and barriers faced by industry when seeking to reduce emissions from process heat – the energy used for heat generation in manufacturing, and processing primary products. This currently makes up over a quarter of this country’s energy-related emissions.

Sector Decarbonisation Programme

​Tap into our free, easy to follow, five-step pathways which enables businesses to understand how to use existing equipment and processes as efficiently as possible.​ As well as discovering new technology and renewable energy sources appropriate for your sector.

​With the right planning and tools, a businesses’ approach to energy can be transformed - reducing reliance on fossil fuels and helping to future-proof your business.

Projects co-funded by EECA

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