Energy efficiency is good for business

Using energy more efficiently translates to lower energy costs and improved profitability.

It’s also valuable for businesses to be able to say that they are genuinely making an ongoing contribution to New Zealand’s emissions reduction goals.

The business sector accounts for about

  • 50% of our total energy use
  • 40% of New Zealand's total energy-related emissions

Programmes & co-investment

We encourage New Zealand businesses to adopt strategic energy management systems by providing advice, technical assistance and co-investment. We engage directly with the largest energy-using businesses, and partner with accredited energy service providers and industry associations to assist the wider sector.

See all EECA co-funding and support programmes for business(external link)

Energy Transition Accelerator

Under the Energy Transition Accelerator, we collaborate with the largest energy-users in the public sector, and the largest carbon-emitters in the private sector. We help them to prioritise energy management and lower emissions over the long term.

Learn more about the Energy Transition Accelerator(external link)

Technology demonstration

We co-invest with businesses to pilot innovative energy- and/or carbon-saving technologies and process improvements that are yet to be widely adopted in New Zealand.

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Business Co-funding Expenditure for 2018-19 and 2019-20 [XLSX, 32 KB]

Projects co-funded by EECA