Why we focus on transport

44% of New Zealand's energy-related emissions come from transport.

Burning fossil fuels like petrol and diesel produces harmful emissions that contribute to climate change.

Luckily, we can optimise the way people and goods are transported by using efficient, low emissions technologies and fuels.

Transport is responsible for

  • 37 %

    of New Zealand’s energy use*

  • 44 %

    of New Zealand's energy-related emissions*

*Source: Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990-2021, Ministry for the Environment (2023), Energy End Use Database 2023 (2021 data). 

Our strategy

The outcomes we're seeking

  • New Zealand adopts low emissions transport technologies and fuels.
  • Government establishes low emissions transport policies and initiatives.
  • New Zealanders choose low emissions mobility options.

Our priorities

  • Supporting the development of charging and refueling infrastructure, and increasing adoption of low emissions vehicles.
  • Supporting large fleets to transition to low emissions alternatives.
  • Demonstrating low emissions technologies by encouraging innovation and scalability.
  • Influencing policy and supporting initiatives that will reduce transport-related emissions. 

What we're doing now

About the Low Emission Transport Fund

The Low Emission Transport (LET) Fund focuses on activities in the transport sector that move people and/or goods on roads, off-road, and in the marine and aviation sectors to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Our insights on low emissions transport

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  • Electric vehicles and Aotearoa

    Electric vehicles make up a small portion of our total fleet now, but that is going to change.

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    1 July 2021

  • Off-road liquid fuel insights

    Petrol and diesel power many vehicles and machines that will never be used on a road, so remain out of sight, out of mind. This research has given us a more detailed understanding about where emissions from this fuel use come from.

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    28 July 2021

  • Liquid biofuels insights summary

    EECA commissioned Sapere to prepare an independent report to gain an overview of the role liquid biofuels could play in decarbonising New Zealand’s transport sector.

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    29 March 2021