Support for medium to large businesses that use process heat powered by fossil fuels, to reduce their carbon emissions and transition to renewable energy.


This fund was open to all New Zealand-based and NZBN registered private sector businesses.

Important update

The funding previously allocated to the GIDI Fund has been withdrawn and reprioritised. This means that EECA is no longer taking applications to the GIDI Fund. 

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What kind of project did GIDI: Industrial co-fund?

  • The fund aimed to help businesses accelerate energy efficiency and fuel switching projects. It encouraged innovation by supporting early adopters of technologies that demonstrate wide replication and emissions reduction potential.
  • Eligible projects reduced or enabled the reduction of energy use and/or carbon emissions of existing industrial processes, through energy efficiency, fuel switching (e.g. from coal to biomass or electricity) to a renewable energy supply, or other decarbonisation approach.

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