State sector decarbonisation

EECA administers a $219.5 million Government fund to reduce carbon emissions in the State sector. This work supports the Carbon Neutral Government Programme.

Investment focuses on replacing fossil-fuelled boilers in hospitals and tertiary institutions with low-emissions alternatives such as biomass boilers and heat pumps. We work with the Ministry of Education to replace coal boilers in schools. Replacing vehicle fleets with electric vehicles, and installing energy-efficient chillers and LED lighting are other priorities.

EECA provides expert advice, technical support, and facilitate low-emissions energy investments.


How we are tracking

  • 33 projects have been announced
  • 96.5m State sector decarbonisation funding
  • 292,000 tonnes estimated ten-year carbon emissions reduction

We estimate investments announced so far will save about 292,000 tonnes over ten years in carbon emissions. That’s the equivalent of taking around 12,000 cars off the road.

Andrew Caseley EECA CE

Summary of approved projects

State sector decarbonisation fund project summary as at 12 May 2021 [PDF, 52 KB]


Information on other EECA support for State sector agencies is available on the Gen Less website via the link below.

Business Co-Funding and Support Programmes - Gen Less website(external link)

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EECA and Standards New Zealand have published best practice guidance for high-temperature heat pumps and biomass boilers. These Publicly Available Specifications are free for download from the Standards New Zealand website.

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