To support businesses and government organisations with the cost of employing an energy graduate, to help analyse how energy is being used and find efficiency and savings opportunities.


  • Public and private sector businesses and organisations, including State Owned Enterprises, and local government.
  • More than $3 million is spent annually on stationary energy, and you have high emissions.
  • Proposed investigations are outside of ‘business as usual’, and there is a barrier to undertaking the work without support.
  • Your business can provide support and mentorship to the energy graduate.

What kind of project is this for?

Our Energy Graduate support can provide up to 50% of an energy graduate’s salary and superannuation costs, capped at $70,000 over two years, depending on experience and skills.

The scope of the role or projects need to be defined, for example:

  • Process and energy flow mapping (energy and mass balances)
  • Computer based energy modelling
  • Investigating plant and process modifications, and conducting trials
  • Investigating fuel switching opportunities
  • Raising energy savings awareness in the business
  • Assisting with project commissioning and verifying energy savings and associated carbon reduction.

The role or project must deliver energy savings and carbon reduction which represent good value for government funding.

Application process

Contact your usual EECA Account Manager to discuss your requirements, or email us at business@eeca.govt.nz