To provide expert help to Public Sector fleet managers to optimise and electrify their fleets, support with charging infrastructure assessments, or the costs of leasing low-emissions vehicles.


  • Government ministries, departments, district hospitals, Crown Agencies and Entities, Crown Research Institutes, public schools, and tertiary education institutes.   
  • State Owned Enterprises, and local government are not eligible for co-funding. 

What kind of project is this for?

The Government’s electric vehicles first policy aims to speed up the government fleet transition to low-emissions vehicles, as part of the Carbon Neutral Government Programme. In the coming years, government organisations will optimise their fleet size and replace vehicles with electric models, or hybrids if necessary.

The Fleet Transition Programme can partially contribute to the costs of the fleet optimisation process, including co-funding for:

  • Fleet audits
  • Fleet optimisation assessments
  • Charging infrastructure assessments
  • The cost of electric vehicle leasing and installation of associated charging infrastructure

Our co-funding and guidance support the Government’s plan to optimise and reduce fleet emissions(external link)

About the Carbon Neutral Government Programme(external link)

Application process

For more information on applying for co-funding through the Fleet Transition Programme, reach out to your usual account manager, or get in touch – paul.bull@eeca.govt.nz

Fleet Transition Programme Partner Panel

Your agency can choose a fleet transition provider from New Zealand Government Procurement and Property's (NZGPP) approved panel.

Agile Engineering Consultants Limited

Contact: Alan Maharaj

Email: alan.maharaj@agile-eng.co.nz

Visit website(external link)

Beca Limited

Contact: Matthew Plummer

Email: matthew.plummer@beca.com

Visit website(external link)

Catch Commercial

Contact: Karen Whitehouse

Email: karen@catchcommercial.co.nz

Phone: 027 686 9046

Contact: Melvin Worth

Email: melvin@catchcommercial.co.nz

Phone: 022 413 0395

Visit website(external link)

Custom Fleet NZ

Contact: Daniel Malpass, Relationship Director

Email: dmalpass@customfleet.co.nz

Phone: 029 2006846

Contact: Nicola Collins, Relationship Manager

Email: ncollins@customfleet.co.nz

Phone: 021 914010

Visit website(external link)

DETA Consulting Ltd

Contact: Jeff Smit

Email: jeff.smit@deta.co.nz

Visit website(external link)


Contact: Volker Ehrmann

Email: enquiries@ecubedltd.co.nz

Visit website(external link)


Contact: Andrew Davies

Email: andrew.davies@eroad.com

Visit website(external link)

GHD Limited

Contact: Venetia Evnagelidaki

Email: venetia.evangelidaki@ghd.com

Visit website (external link)

Maximum Fleet Solutions Ltd

Contact: Karl Watson

Email: karl@maximumfleet.co.nz

Visit website(external link)

Meinherdt (NZ) Pty Limited

Contact: Nofal Umarjan

Email: nofal.umarjan@meinhardtgroup.com

Visit website(external link)


Contact: Jack Gordon-Crosby

Email: hello@optifleet.co.nz

Visit website(external link)


Contact: Anthony Broatch

Email: anthony.broatch@re-shape.co.nz


Visit website(external link)

S&T Wellington Ltd

Contact: Tony Sanderson

Email: tony.sanderson@stwgn.co.nz

Visit website(external link)

Singer Electric

Contact: Hayden Dooney

Email: h.dooney@singer.co.nz

Phone: 09 379 9990 / 021 997 313

Visit website(external link)


Contact: Richie Forrest

Email: richie@thundergrid.net

Phone: 021 740 656

Visit website(external link)

TM Consultants Limited

Contact: Peter Rickard-Green

Email: PeterRG@tmco.co.nz

Visit website(external link)

Wel Networks Limited

Contact: Cam McKinnon

Email: Cam.McKinnon@we-ev.co.nz

Visit website(external link)