The LET: Public EV Charging Fund supports investment in the public EV charging network, to encourage innovation and increase the convenience and availability of infrastructure in New Zealand to help meet and get ahead of demand.


  • Open to all organisations capable of delivering EV charger hubs.
  • The standard 50% co-funding cap does not automatically apply. Applicants can request a higher proportion of co-funding, with clear public good outcomes.

What kind of project is this for?

  • Hubs that provide multiple high-powered charging heads, in highly visible locations on, or adjacent to the highway network. 
  • Proximity to customer services such as cafeterias, other food, and toilets.
  • Accessible to EV drivers with open payment services.  
  • Projects that support the national charging strategy’s new target of hubs every 150km – 200km along the state highway network.
  • A ‘hub’ can be a single site with many fast chargers, or multiple sites providing significant numbers of fast chargers in an area. 

Key dates:

RFP opens 11 October 2023
Deadline for questions from applicants 4pm, Wednesday 15 November 2023
Deadline for EECA to answer applicants' questions 5pm, Friday 17 November 2023
Deadline for proposals 12pm, Friday 24 November 2023

Application process

The RFP sets out the step-by-step process and conditions that apply. Submit your proposal by using the response form linked below. This is a competitive tender.

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