The GIDI: Private Finance scheme connects businesses with green finance providers to streamline and accelerate GIDI co-funding.


  • Available to all GIDI co-funding applicants.

Connecting GIDI applicants with green finance providers

This scheme aims to:

  • Increase awareness of the GIDI co-funding available to businesses.
  • Improve visibility to GIDI applicants of finance providers that have support offerings to help New Zealand businesses decarbonise.
  • Continue to support the growth of the finance sector into mainstreaming sustainable finance and offering competitive rates for decarbonisation projects.
Participating Providers Financial Product Overview
ANZ Overview [PDF, 270 KB]
ASB Overview [PDF, 89 KB]
BNZ Overview [PDF, 54 KB]
Kiwibank Overview [PDF, 105 KB]
NZGIF Overview [PDF, 2 MB]
ORIX Overview [PDF, 667 KB]
Purpose Capital Overview [PDF, 148 KB]
Simply Energy Overview [PDF, 67 KB]
Solar Bay Overview [PDF, 764 KB]
Westpac Overview [PDF, 491 KB]


How the scheme works for GIDI applicants

  1. Whether you contact the finance provider or seek an introduction through EECA, you will hold a direct relationship with that finance provider(s).
  2. EECA’s role will be limited to sharing your project information, alongside their own project information, with a selected finance provider(s), to streamline information flows and help with verification. This is done with your consent.
  3. To explore any of the potential financial offerings, you can contact the finance provider using the details provided on this website at any time, or you can nominate your preferred finance providers with whom you would like to investigate finance options when you fill out a GIDI funding application form. Please note we encourage you to secure your finance early.

Scheme considerations

EECA gives no advice, recommendation, representation, or warranty in respect of fitness for purpose or suitability or otherwise of:

  • any participant on the open directory; or
  • any products and other potential offerings offered by, or any advice or services provided by or on behalf of, the finance provider to the GIDI applicant (or any other person that engages with finance providers on this open directory by reason of the information on our website).

In addition, EECA has no responsibility for, and will not be liable for, any decisions made by a finance provider:

  • in relation to the products and other potential offerings (including the decision of whether the finance provider will commit to the financing that the GIDI applicant or any other person has requested); or
  • during the course of any resulting relationship.

Product Directory

The directory is open to any other reputable financial providers who wish to participate in the scheme and they are welcome to contact EECA at GIDIFund@eeca.govt.nz.