Decarbonising Transport

The transport sector currently produces 47% of New Zealand's CO2 emissions, and between 1990 and 2018, domestic transport emissions increased by 90%.

With transport decarbonisation playing a key role in New Zealand's progress towards our 2050 goals, the Government is extending its investment into reducing transport emissions with the Low Emission Transport Fund (LETF).

This fund builds on the now complete Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund (LEVCF), with an increase in size and scope. EECA will continue to administer the fund on behalf of the Government.

Objectives of the fund

The LETF will support the demonstration of high potential and replicable solutions, and adoption of low emission transport technology, innovation and infrastructure to help accelerate the decarbonisation of the New Zealand transport sector. The fund will stimulate the uptake of low emission solutions, while providing additional knowledge and learnings for further replication to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport. Early action can start to accelerate wider deployment for demonstrated and critical low emission pathway solutions at a supported commercial scale.

The fund will focus on activities in the transport sector that move people and/or goods on roads, off-road, and in the marine and aviation sectors to:

  • demonstrate innovative solutions that will enable future adoption and deployment
  • reduce energy related emissions in the transport sector
  • address market and organisational barriers through co-investment and diffusion of new knowledge and learnings, and
  • share knowledge and learnings to stimulate wider replication of successful projects and solutions in the transport sector.

Wider transport systems and activities (such as building roads, urban design, mode shift policy) are excluded.

To best deliver the outcomes of the LETF, the Fund is divided into a portfolio of investment activities which will be released to the market as individual funding rounds for co-funding in each area within the scope of the fund. An announcement will be made in advance of each new activity.

Apply for co-funding

Who can apply

The fund is open to all New Zealand-based and New Zealand-registered legal entities except Public Service Departments, Non-Public Service Departments (such as the New Zealand Defence Force), and Statutory Crown Entities such as District Health Boards.

How to apply

Funding rounds will be based on the investment activities of the fund. Each funding round will run independently and have a specific focus and related criteria. Information on the scope of each funding round and how to apply will be made available here when the round opens.

Current funding rounds

The first four rounds of funding have closed, and successful applicants can be found here:

Co-funded transport projects | EECA

New funding rounds will be announced later in 2023.