Energy efficient upgrades for business

GIDI: Clean Tech offers help for small to medium businesses in the commercial and industrial sectors with installing and upgrading to off-the shelf, energy-efficient equipment and solutions needed to run a business day-to-day.

How businesses heat water can play a big role in being more energy efficient, reducing costs and reducing the carbon footprint of a business. Co-funding for hot water heat pumps is the first focus of the programme. Applications now open.

The opportunity for business

Switching away from fossil fuels can have many benefits for business, beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions. By being an early adopter of new technology, businesses can stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their assets as New Zealand transitions to a low emissions economy.

The key co-benefits include:

  • Cost savings – Reduce operating costs through energy efficiency and fuel switching.
  • Social license – Improve your reputation with socially responsible consumers and investors.
  • Brand value – Tap into new markets, spark innovation and create business opportunities.
  • Employee engagement – Attract and retain talent.
  • Avoid inflationary costs – Coal and gas are being phased out. Stay ahead of regulation for climate change mitigation and avoid inflationary costs by doing inevitable capital projects earlier.

The business good of decarbonisation

We have the tools and expertise to reduce our energy-related emissions and move off fossil fuels. Plus, there are co-benefits to decarbonising like reducing your energy-use and, in time, your costs.

Nicki Sutherland, Group Manager Business, EECA

About the GIDI: Clean Tech programmes

Hot Water Heat Pumps

The Hot Water Heat Pump (HWHP) programme focuses on air-to-water’ heat pump hot water systems >15kW up to a total project cost of $150k and is open for businesses of any size.

Heating water in industrial and commercial businesses consumes nearly 10% of all non-transport energy in New Zealand and generates up to 0.4 MtCo2e of low temperature gas emissions. Hot water heat pumps provide an energy-efficient, low-emissions solution to the traditional technology used to produce hot water in commercial and industrial spaces.

The HWHP programme includes:

  • Retrofits of hot water heat pumps in commercial buildings.
  • Proven, readily available, technologies for equipment replacement.
  • Switching from fossil-fuelled boilers to ‘air-to-water’ heat pump hot water systems.
  • Co-funding for up to 30-50% of project costs (depending on equipment and water use variables).

Find out more or apply for funding

EECA is also currently running GIDI: Clean Tech pilot programmes for commercial lighting and electric motor systems. We want to hear from businesses who would like to participate in these programmes as well as talk to customers to get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of the market. For more information, please contact

GIDI: Clean Tech is part of the Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry Fund (GIDI)

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