Decarbonising business is one of the biggest opportunities for New Zealand to reduce its energy-related emissions and help meet climate targets.

The Government Investment in Decarbonising Industry (GIDI) Fund was expanded in May 2022, as part of the government’s Climate Emergency Response Fund (CERF). The programme will see around $650M of capital grants co-investment made available to support valuable decarbonisation projects.

The funding aims to help New Zealand secure its long-term energy future, meet its first emissions budget (2022-2025) and achieve longer-term climate targets through decarbonisation projects. 

The expanded GIDI Fund

The investment is across 4 years, and includes:

  • A focus on process heat (similar to previous GIDI):

Including high impact decarbonisation projects of national significance.

Targeted investment at a regional level for projects that optimise low emission fuel use.

Funding for electricity transmission and distribution infrastructure upgrades to support fuel-switching, and the early adoption of high decarbonisation energy technologies.

  • Help for businesses to buy and install low emission, high efficiency electrical equipment used for industrial and commercial processes, including specifically electric motors and electric heat pumps.
  • Help for commercial buildings replacing fossil fuel use for space and water heating, to lower emissions and increase energy efficiency.

The GIDI funding focus will evolve


Objectives of the GIDI Fund

  • Accelerating business decarbonisation to support the Government’s emissions reduction goals.
  • Optimising energy use by New Zealand’s businesses, easing the transition and helping improve productivity.
  • Helping achieve a just transition.

Learn about projects that have received co-funding

GIDI co-funding

Process Heat Contestable Fund - Round 5 closed

This programme is for medium to large, industrial businesses that use process heat.

Investment helps businesses meet a financial hurdle that is preventing or slowing down a valuable low-emissions project from getting started.

The Round 5 RFP for medium to large energy projects has now closed. Successful applicants from Round 4 will be announced soon.

Learn about projects that have received co-funding

Biomass Supply Chain Investment Fund – ROI open now

This programme is open for businesses and public sector organisations.

Investment in fuel supply infrastructure will help future-proof renewable supply chains and stay ahead of rising demand.

Registrations of interest are being invited for South Island based projects that will enable additional residue collection from harvested forests, and conversion into boiler-ready fuel.

Learn more and register your interest

The GIDI funding has helped fast-track the process and was the driving force behind the decision to move away from coal.

Nigel Hales, Chief Executive, WoolWorks

GIDI Private Finance

Private finance is a crucial part of the transition to a low emissions economy. EECA has partnered with financial providers with an aim to:

  • maximise the reach of GIDI funding available to businesses to help achieve New Zealand's decarbonisation targets
  • improve visibility to GIDI applicants of finance providers that are available, and have expertise, to help NZ businesses decarbonise, and
  • mobile the finance sector into mainstreaming sustainable finance and offering competitive rates for decarbonisation projects.

Read the directory of finance providers and learn more about their offerings:

Private Finance Pilot

NZ Sugar: "GIDI will bring forward our project"

Graeme Smith, General Manager, NZ Sugar, highlights why GIDI is crucial for them.

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