Regulatory requirements

If you import, manufacture, sell, hire, lease, or provide hire purchase of regulated products in New Zealand, you are required to meet certain legal obligations under the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002. These regulations set out the requirements that apply to importers, manufacturers, and sellers of regulated products in New Zealand.

About the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002

We have a range of regulated residential and commercial products that need to meet Minimum Energy Performance Standards and/or display the Minimum Energy Performance Labelling, e.g. the Energy Rating Label. Labelling allows consumers to easily compare products at point of sale and make a purchase decision based on energy efficiency and running costs.


 Energy Rating: About the E3 Programme video

 List of regulated products

 Energy Rating Label

How EECA helps you to comply with the regulations

Our role is to monitor and enforce compliance with the regulations. We are here to help you understand and fulfil your obligations under the regulations.

There are different legal requirements for importers, manufacturers, and retailers.

Importers and manufacturers: how to comply

To meet regulatory requirements follow steps 1-5 below:

1.  Has your product has been tested to the required Standards?

Make sure your product has been tested to the required Standards, as listed in the regulations. You will need a copy of the test report for your records and to register your product with EECA through the Energy Rating website.

Energy Rating website

2.  Does your product meet its Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS)?

Make sure your product meets MEPS, where these apply, as required by the Standards listed in the Regulations.

3.  Does your product have its Energy Rating Label, if required?

If your product is required to display an Energy Rating Label, you will need to calculate its energy rating. You’ll need to use your product’s test results and the prescribed calculation method that’s listed in the relevant Standard. You will then need to generate an accurate Energy Rating Label (that meets the specifications required by the Standard) and supply this with the product.

4.  Is your product registered on the Energy Rating website?

Your product must be registered on the Energy Rating website before it can be sold. You will need to create a user account to do this. Please check out our information sheets for help with this process. You will also need to provide your retailers with the product’s current registration number.

 Information sheets

5.  Is your product included in your annual statistical information on sales?

As an importer and / or manufacturer of products covered by energy efficiency regulations, you must to provide statistical information on sales to EECA each year. This data helps EECA with market surveillance, measurement, and reporting of energy savings achieved under the regulations.

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Retailers: how to comply

1.  Before you can legally sell a product

You need to check it’s listed on the Energy Rating website. If it’s not on this list—you cannot legally sell it in New Zealand.

Energy Rating website

2.  Before you purchase a product

Ask your supplier for the product’s current energy efficiency registration number, and identify the product on the Energy Rating website. If your supplier doesn’t provide this number, we recommend not buying the product from that supplier.

3.  Once you have the products in store

It is your responsibility to make sure products are labelled accurately and the labels are displayed correctly.

 Please check out our guide below;

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