NABERSNZ™ Certified Rating

A NABERSNZ Certified Rating benchmarks your building or tenancy for its energy efficiency. You’ll get a star rating that tells you how well your premises are using energy. The more energy efficient your building, the higher your rating.

What does a Certified Rating mean?

  • If you’re an owner, a high NABERSNZ rating can mean lower operating costs, more satisfied tenants and better occupancy rates.
  • If you’re a tenant, a good NABERSNZ rating means lower energy costs and assurance that you’re in a well-built and well-run building.

Start with a self assessment

You can do a free NABERSNZ self assessment online that gives an idea how your building or tenancy may rate.

Self assessment tool - NABERSNZ website

Getting a Certified Rating

An Accredited Assessor can rate your building from the lowest performing 0 stars to the highest 6 stars, based on the past 12 months' energy use.

You can use your NABERSNZ Certified Rating in marketing material, or internally as the basis for energy improvements.

Getting a Certified Rating is likely to cost around $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the type of rating, size and complexity of your building and availability of energy data.

Find an Accredited Assessor - NABERSNZ website

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