An impact evaluation of the Government’s Warmer Kiwi Homes programme is underway to provide up-to-date information about the benefits and effectiveness of the programme.

Warmer Kiwi Homes started in July 2018 to support warm, dry, healthy homes by providing grants for insulation and efficient heaters for lower-income homeowners. This programme continues EECA’s ongoing work in delivering healthier, more energy efficient homes to New Zealanders since 2009.

EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority), which runs the programme, has commissioned the Warmer Kiwis Study to reassess the value of the programme and to produce evidence-based recommendations for possible future programmes. The study will also improve the wider knowledge base around solutions to housing quality challenges in New Zealand.

Strategy Manager Dr Marcos Pelenur says the New Zealand independent economic research organisation, Motu Economic & Public Policy Research, will lead an inter-disciplinary consortium to carry out this work, including Dr Arthur Grimes and Professor Philippa Howden-Chapman among other recognised experts in the healthy homes field.

Dr Pelenur says the evaluation will be wide-ranging and investigate the actual improvement in the indoor environment as well as energy and carbon savings generated by clean heaters in particular. Homes will be monitored for changes in temperature, humidity, air quality and comfort.


“An important aspect of the evaluation will be looking at the impact of heating on the well-being of the household. This will include investigation of wellbeing indicators such as health outcomes, mental wellbeing and comfort.”

Dr Marcos Pelenur, GM Strategy, Insights and Regulations - EECA

Dr Pelenur says Motu Research aims to engage with about 200 homeowners across New Zealand, who receive clean heating subsidies through the Warmer Kiwi Homes programme this winter, to invite them to take part in the evaluation.

The study is expected to be completed early next year, he says.

For more information visit Warmer Kiwi Homes impact evaluation | EECA


The Government has allocated $198 million in funding over four years (including $56m boost in the 2020 stimulus package) with the aims of insulating and/or installing efficient heaters in 64,000 lower-income homes.