LED lighting

Linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts and compact fluorescent lamps must currently comply with minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) - MEPS for incandescent lamps apply in Australia only.

Consultation recently occurred on:

  • A review of existing requirements for lighting products, including linear fluorescent lamps and ballasts, compact fluorescent lamps and, in Australia only, incandescent lamps
  • Proposed new measures for LED lighting products and, in Australia only, halogen lamps.

Following consultation, submissions were assessed and further recommendations developed to address the issues raised. A working group was established with industry representatives to work through key technical and implementation issues.

This has culminated in an updated proposal that recommends introducing MEPS for LED lamps (and not integrated luminaires, as previously proposed) in Australia and New Zealand, and, in Australia only, increasing MEPS requirements for incandescent and halogen lamps. Submissions on this updated proposal closed on 12 October.

Final recommendations are now being developed for approval.

More information on this proposal and the consultation that occurred is available on the Energy Rating website.

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To make an enquiry or be kept up to date on the progress of this proposal, contact regs@eeca.govt.nz.