Fans (non-domestic)

Fans are not currently regulated for energy efficiency in New Zealand and Australia.

The E3 Program is considering introducing minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for fan-units (a fan plus motor combination) similar to the regulations introduced into the European Union in 2013.

Consultation occurred in May 2017 on a proposal to adopt MEPS for industrial fans, based on European regulations, and an option to develop a purchaser education programme to drive demand for energy efficient fan units.

The E3 Consultation RIS – Fans was released for comment in early May 2017, followed by consultation workshops in Melbourne, Auckland and Sydney. The comments period closed at the end of June, with written submissions received from 19 organisations. All submissions support the introduction of MEPS for fan-units in some form. In general, fan suppliers support the introduction of MEPS that are fully aligned with the EU regulations up to a motor input power of 185 kW. However, most companies that manufacture or supply products that use fan-units as a component would like to see them excluded from the scope of any regulation, either by excluding all products that are already regulated for MEPS through the E3 Program, or by excluding all products that generate hot (or cold) air for space conditioning applications. There were no objections to applying MEPS to fan-units used in commercial refrigeration and building ventilation applications.

Following the conclusion of the Consultation RIS process, an E3 Decision RIS – Fans will be prepared. As a first step, a Technical Working Group (TWG) has been formed to discuss and agree on the scope of any proposed regulations, and to work through a range of issues relating to the implementation of the proposed regulations, such as definitions, testing standards and regulatory levels, testing capability, the treatment of spare parts, product registrations, families of products, and compliance issues.

The TWG is being led by the project manager, Ian McNicol (Sustainability Victoria), and is comprised of representatives from the fan, air conditioner, consumer electronics, gas appliance, heating and cooling equipment, and electric motor industries, as well as representatives from the Australian and New Zealand Governments involved with equipment efficiency legislation, and the administration and compliance roles.

More information on this proposal and the consultation that occurred is available on the Energy Rating website.

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