Smart and innovative technology for businesses

The Technology Demonstration Fund offers co-funding to support energy and carbon savings through the early adoption of proven technology or an innovative process improvement opportunity not yet widely adopted in New Zealand.

The Fund is designed to reduce the risk for early adopters of innovative technologies and projects must be replicable to enable a greater impact across New Zealand.

About the Technology Demonstration Fund

This programme encourages a diverse range of innovative technologies and is open to New Zealand registered businesses looking to:

  • Become early adopters of new low emissions technologies developed in New Zealand which have been proven but not yet fully commercialised, or
  • Target electrification of off-road diesel using machinery, or
  • Replace fossil fuelled steam generation through new technologies such as ultra-high temperature heat pumps and electromagnetic drying systems, or
  • Install energy efficient and/or renewable energy technologies, or
  • Implement an innovative energy efficiency or renewable energy process improvement opportunity in New Zealand.

Apply for co-funding

Co-funding is available for up to 50% of the costs of an eligible project – generally limited to $250,000. Projects that result in decarbonisation of industrial process heat can apply for funding of up to $500,000.

EECA may also offer dedicated funding rounds for specified technologies of interest with revised funding amounts.

We are looking for projects that:

  • Reduce energy intensity or greenhouse gas emissions
  • Are applicable to multiple businesses in a sector
  • Are financially viable, with a reasonable payback period
  • Meet minimum cost-effectiveness requirements for energy benefits and carbon emission reductions 
  • For technology-related projects, the technology must be proven but not necessarily fully commercialised

Projects won’t be considered if they have already started or will happen anyway, or if they involve:

  • Small-scale heat pumps (<10 kW)
  • Residential products
  • Standard commercial lighting, including LEDs and office products
  • Solar hot water and photovoltaic panels
  • Electric light passenger vehicles (specialist electric vehicles may be considered)
  • Wind, hydro, geothermal and marine electricity generation

How to apply

Before applying, businesses need to develop a demonstration project plan which includes specific measurement and verification activities to confirm the project outcomes.

Businesses must also commit to having their project independently monitored, and to promoting the project and outcomes.

Priority is given to technologies that could be used by multiple businesses and across industry sectors.

To apply, complete the application form below and email to

  • Article

    Active Refrigeration | Low emissions refrigeration

    Using ammonia based refrigeration to create simultaneous cooling and high temperature heating from the same plant, making substantial financial savings and gains in energy efficiency.

    22 July 2021

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    Open Country achieves a world first in dairy

    Open Country recently won the EECA-sponsored Large Energy User Award for their work to reduce carbon emissions at their Awarua site near Invercargill.

    • Process heat

    28 May 2021

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    Recreational Services | Electric mowers

    Recreational Services share their success trialling two fully electric commercial ride-on lawnmowers in their parks and facilities maintenance business.

    22 July 2021

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    Fonterra | Boiler conversion

    Brightwater milk processing plant cut carbon emissions by an estimated 25% by converting the coal boiler to co-fire on coal and wood, generating steam for process heat.

    22 July 2021

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    An electric first on Wellington Harbour

    Wellington has a new climate-friendly public transport option – the Southern Hemisphere's first all-electric ferry.

    • Co-funding 
    • Electric vehicles
    • Decarbonisation

    15 December 2021

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    McCain | Pulsed Electric Field

    McCain has switched from coal pre-heaters to Pulsed Electric Field technology to produce the humble hot chip.

    • Case study
    • Co-funding 

    21 September 2021

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    Indoor cropping | Innovative emissions reductions

    Three indoor cropping business have saved costs and carbon emissions by adopting fresh technologies – thermal screens, dehumidifying heat pumps and LED grow lights

    22 July 2021