EECA has commissioned Standards New Zealand to produce a Publicly Available Specification (PAS) for Smart Homes, to help New Zealanders understand the concept of smart homes and technology involved.

A smart home isn’t the building itself but a clever system that links smart residential appliances together into a network. The network ensures the connected smart appliances in the home are operating as efficiently as possible (without changing how you use them).

The Smart Home Guidelines PAS has been developed to help New Zealanders improve the way we are consuming energy. Smart home networks preferentially shift household energy demand to periods of least-cost electricity. With this approach to home electricity use, New Zealanders and our energy system will benefit.

The guidance aims to help electricity consumers, appliance retailers, and suppliers of smart home equipment and services to align to best practice. It is designed to contain key smart home advice and point readers to more detailed information.

This PAS will not impose any requirements on sellers, importers, or manufacturers. However, it will introduce smart home technology to New Zealand consumers, providing information to help make household energy use smarter.

Download the Smart Homes Publicly Available Specification(external link)

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