What is the TTMRA?

The TTMRA is a trading agreement between Australia and New Zealand.

It means goods imported into one country can legally be sold in the other without meeting the other country’s specific legal requirements. It opens up trade between Australia and New Zealand and reduces compliance costs. 

Read the legislation(external link)

Applying the TTMRA to regulated products

To meet requirements, any regulated product being imported and sold in New Zealand must:

  • be manufactured in or imported through an Australian jurisdiction, and
  • meet all legal requirements to be sold in Australia.

The TTMRA doesn’t apply if a model is sold in both Australia and New Zealand, but is imported directly into New Zealand (not via Australia).

New Zealand and Australia have many of the same Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) and Mandatory Energy Performance Labeling (MEPL) requirements, but there are parts where the countries differ.

 Requirements in Australia(external link)