Public attitudes and action on energy and climate change

Our research shows there is real and urgent need to mobilise New Zealanders around climate change.

Publication date: November 2021



Our market research programme monitors the mood of the nation relating to climate change, energy emissions and efficiency, and topics like electric vehicles. Every quarter, we survey 750 adult New Zealanders to track their beliefs, behaviours and attitudes to climate change and energy.

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What we've found is there is real and urgent need to mobilise New Zealanders around climate change. One in five New Zealanders don't agree that climate change is real. And there is confusion about which actions have most impact on reducing climate change emissions.

Many believe that recycling is a key answer to solving climate change. Eighty-four percent state this as their most common climate action, compared with higher impact, energy-reducing actions such as driving less (34%) or purchasing products with a low carbon footprint (33%). Most New Zealanders do feel pressure to act on climate change — three-quarters feel some sort of societal pressure to reduce their climate impact, and around half feel this closer to home — from friends and family.

The new Gen Less campaign "The Right Side of History" aims to challenge New Zealanders to take an active role in the country's decarbonisation journey.

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We will publish new reports each quarter, to track how attitudes and actions are changing.

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