The New Zealand Energy Scenarios TIMES-NZ 2.0, developed by EECA in partnership with the BusinessNZ Energy Council (BEC) and The Paul Scherrer Institut, is a technology-based optimisation model that represents the entire New Zealand energy system, encompassing energy carriers and processes from primary resources to final energy consumption.

The model is based on the IEA ETSAP TIMES energy model generator, and models scenarios for the energy system, incorporating both technical, engineering, and economic considerations.

This document provides the reader with information to understand and interpret the modelling results from the two contrasting scenarios Kea and Tūī. For more detailed scenario outputs, see the New Zealand Energy Scenarios TIMES-NZ 2.0 visualisation tool which provides an interactive experience to understand the scenario outcomes.

We invite the community to explore the model outputs, and collaborate in transitioning New Zealand to a low-carbon future.

New Zealand Energy Scenarios TIMES-NZ 2.0

Information for business and Government to explore emissions reduction options - media release

New Zealand Energy Scenarios TIMES-NZ 2.0 guide