Clean and clever energy solutions for your business

Businesses account for over 40% of New Zealand's energy related emissions. The largest portion of this comes from industrial process heat — the steam, hot water or hot gases used in industrial processing, manufacturing and space heating. 

The good news is there are plenty of low-cost energy efficiency tactics and innovative technologies that can help manufacturers not only reduce emissions but also lower energy costs and improve profitability.

EECA is here to help with support and advice and to help you prepare for new regulations on fossil fuel emissions.


What’s in it for you?

Taking steps to become more energy efficient and ultimately switching to renewable sources can have many benefits for your business.

  • Cost savings – reduce operating costs through energy efficiency and fuel switching.
  • Social license – improve your reputation with socially responsible consumers and investors.
  • Brand value – tap into new markets, spark innovation and create business opportunities.
  • Employee engagement – attract and retain talent.
  • Compliance – stay ahead of regulation for climate change mitigation.

See what other businesses are doing


Discover how Sawmill, Kōkako, Samson Corporation and Oceania have made big gains by switching to electric vehicles, hot water heat pumps, solar panels and LED lighting.

Considering renewable energy sources?

See how WoolWorks has increased productivity while reducing energy use by switching to renewables. The world's largest wool scourer is also a first mover in their investment to decarbonise – and they are already reaping the benefits.

‘My advice to other businesses is that they just need to start, it will be much better for the bottom line and it will make the businesses more sustainable for the future’.

Mike Sutherland, Owner/CEO of Sawmill Brewery.

Next steps

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    Prioritise energy efficiency first

    Reviewing the way your current equipment is performing is an important first step and can be a big win for energy reduction, cost reduction and increased productivity. Check out dozens of low-cost ways to improve energy efficiency right across your business, with our tailored checklist for manufacturing businesses. From lighting and heating to IT and office equipment - work through the checklist to see where you can start making savings now.

    Download here [PDF 881 KB]

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    Investigate low carbon technologies

    Once you’ve optimised your current equipment and processes, it’s time to research low carbon technologies. There’s a lot to consider from choosing the right solution for your business, understanding the pros and cons of each technology, the costs involved and the return on investment. We’ve broken this information down for you.

    Clean alternatives to fossil fuelled heat plants

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