About the consultation

EECA is seeking submissions on proposed approaches for identifying locations for public fast EV charging infrastructure and how to prioritise those locations. This will enable EECA to develop a roadmap of the future roll-out of the public EV charging network.

The roadmap will be used to inform the public and industry about how the Government is planning to approach our investment in public EV charging infrastructure in the short term. Given the Government's role in co-investing with the private sector, the roadmap will also help to inform and give certainty to the private sector's investment decisions, and ideally bring forward investment. 

We propose to develop the roadmap in two phases

Phase 1: Delivers a minimum viable product approach, supported by some existing datasets, to indicate priority charger locations for the next 12-24 months (referred to as the ‘basic spatial’ approach), filling current gaps in the network. The basic spatial approach will enable some minimum deliverables of service, and we will be working on the second phase in parallel.

Phase 2: Develop a more comprehensive roadmap that pulls together key datasets to model estimated EV charging demand by location or travel route. This iteration of the roadmap would be maintained as a living tool so that the guidance for future investment decisions will stay up to date with the current state of the charging network and evolving demand on the network.


EECA's public consultation on approaches to developing a roadmap for the public EV charging network for New Zealand concluded on 26 November 2021.

We are currently considering the submissions in the further development of the roadmap, which we will engage with stakeholders on again in due course.

Download the submissions [PDF 4.6 MB]


Supporting research

EECA undertook some supporting research to inform the development of the consultation paper. These can be accessed below:

Stakeholder engagement

EECA commissioned ARUP to undertake stakeholder engagement with organisations with an interest in EV charging (transport advocacy groups, charger installers and operators, local councils, charging service providers, fleet owners, vehicle manufacturers, electricity industry, fuel retailers and local government). This stakeholder engagement was seeking to understand what stakeholders want to see from a charging roadmap at a general level.

Download Report [PDF 1.8 MB]

Charging behaviour

EECA commissioned TRA to undertake a survey of EV owners charging behaviour. This survey received 941 responses and provides very useful insight into how EV owners currently approach EV charging, and what would improve the charging experience.

Find out more and read the report