Electric Vehicle Charging Survey

Publication date: October 2021


EV uptake is likely to rapidly increase in the next decade

EVs will play a key role in decarbonising the transport sector, which accounts for around half of our energy-related emissions. Ensuring that New Zealand has a public charging network to support the growth in EVs is an important part of the Government’s ongoing work to support this.

EECA commissioned this survey to better understand the charging habits of private light passenger EV owners, and to gain insights into the use of public EV charging. The results of the survey are intended to provide research and insights for both industry and government into EV charging infrastructure.

There were 932 respondents to the survey. 63% of respondents have a Nissan Leaf, 12% have a Tesla Model 3, 4% have a MG ZS, 3% have a Hyundai Kona and 3% have a Hyundai Ioniq.

  • 82% of people most commonly charge at home
  • 78% of owners of older EVs wouldn’t drive them on certain trips, compared to 42% of newer EV owners
  • 94% of respondents said their EV was their primary vehicle
  • 61% of respondents own two cars in their household, 44% of EV owners also have a petrol car in their household, and 17% have a diesel vehicle
  • Survey response groups
  • The survey responses are grouped into subsets
  • Those with EVs from 2018 or older
  • 70% of those surveyed had cars which were 2018 or older
  • 37% had cars 2015 or older
  • 30% of people surveyed had cars which were 2019 or newer

Public charger consultation

This research formed an important part of EECA’s public consultation document “State of charge: Consultation paper on developing a short-term roadmap for the public electric vehicle charging network”

You can read the consultation and feedback here:

NZ Public EV Charging Consultation

We have also developed an interactive map of the existing charging network to help inform our work going forward.