Products under the E3 Programme

A range of residential, commercial and industrial products need to meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) or display the Energy Rating Label in New Zealand, and we are looking at expanding these measures to further products.

Regulatory requirements

If you import, manufacture or sell products in New Zealand that are regulated for MEPS or the Energy Rating Label (ERL) under the Energy Efficiency (Energy Using Products) Regulations 2002 (the regulations), you are required to meet certain legal obligations.

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Measures under consideration

Follow the links in the table below for details on specific products under consideration.

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Summary of products

The following list includes products covered by the regulations and those currently under review or consideration for regulation.

Download individual product information sheets for requirements for specific products.

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Product typeMEPSERL 

Under consideration

Voluntary pre-registration of air conditioners up to 65kW [PDF 768KB]

New regulations information sheet [PDF 837KB]


Voluntary pre-registration of electric motors (three phase) [PDF 482KB]

New regulations information sheet [PDF 423KB]

  Under consideration
Fans (non-domestic)     Under consideration

Under consideration

Voluntary pre-registration of fridges and freezers [PDF 638KB]

New regulations information sheet [PDF 359KB]

  Under consideration
Hot water systems     Under consideration
Industrial equipment (pumps, boilers and compressors)     Under consideration
LED lamps     Under consideration

Under consideration

Voluntary pre-registration of refrigerated cabinets [PDF 508KB]

New regulations information sheet [PDF 482KB]

Under consideration

Other E3 Programme activity

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