Energy Rating Labels

It is a requirement that residential fridges and freezers have an Energy Rating Label supplied with them and displayed on the product in stores.

The Energy Rating Label shows how much energy a fridge or freezer uses per year and provides a star rating that can be used to compare its energy efficiency with other fridges or freezers respectively.

A new Energy Rating Label has been introduced that is easier to read and consistent with Energy Rating Labels on other products. During the transition to the new label, you may see the old or new labels on products for sale.

It is not possible to compare the annual energy consumption and star rating between the old and new labels. This is because the testing requirements and calculations have changed to better reflect real usage (such as the effect of opening and closing the fridge or freezer door).

  • Both the old and new versions of the Energy Rating Labels include:

    • A star rating of up to 10 stars
    • Brand name and model number
    • Appliance designation (e.g., Fridge)
    • The annual energy consumption (in kWh per year)
    • The test standard used
    • The total volume of the appliance

    The energy consumption figures and star ratings cannot be compared between the new and old labels.

How ratings are calculated

The annual energy consumption and star rating on the new Energy Rating Label is calculated using the test standard, assuming the ambient temperature surrounding the fridge or freezer is 22°C. The calculations take into account the steady-state, defrost, and extra energy required for door openings and cooling of warm food.

The star ratings of fridges and freezers on the market are between 1 and 6 stars. There is a 18% energy consumption reduction with each star increase.

The Standards for the new Energy Rating Label are:

  • Testing – AS/NZS IEC 62552:2018 parts 1 to 3
  • Rating – AS/NZS 4474:2018 +A1

 The Standards for the old Energy Rating Label are:

  • Testing - AS/NZS 4474.1:2007 +A1 +A2
  • Rating - AS/NZS 4474.2:2009 +A1

Current Energy Rating Label Variants


New Energy Rating Label Variants



Fridges and Freezers that require labels: